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Pictures Sacramento / Los Angeles 1940 to 1950's.

Here is a collection of photos during the 1940s and 1950's. The Kwok family was in Sacramento during the 1940's and then relocated to the Los Angeles Area in the 1950's .

These first series of pictures are during the 1940's.

My grandfather Rev. Wai Shing Kwok

My grandmother Ko Po Yung Kwok.

In front of the new Church building.

Classroom inside.  Notice the framed portraits of parishioners who were away serving in the military. Their families and the congregation prayed for their well being as World War Two raged on.

On the back of the class in the corner was this picture of my Uncle Johnny, Rev. Wai Shing Kwok's
eldest son who was then flying as a radioman on B-17 bomber missions over Europe.
View inside the main church sanctuary upstairs with visiting Chinese servicemen training in the United States , my grandfather sitting on the left and my grandmother in the rear.

A youth choral group at the Church.  My mother Alice is standing in the front row next to the boy on the far right of the picture who is Russell Fong. My Auntie Esther is in the back row third girl from the right.

A Christmas pageant at the Church.

Rev. Kwok giving a speech at a dinner event. 

My Uncle Johnny 

My Uncle Andy

My Auntie Sarah

My Mother Alice

In 1950 my grandparents retired from their work at Kwai Wah School and the Chinese Christian Church and moved to the San Fernando Valley in order to be closer to their children and grandchildren . My Uncle Johnny had gotten married to my Auntie Katie and settled in Los Angeles , my mom Alice had married my dad Jack and moved to the San Fernando Valley,  my Auntie Esther had married Dan Louie and moved also to  Southern California , as did my Auntie Sarah who married  my Uncle Harry and all started families.  My Uncle Andy also moved to Los Angeles  and the entire family completed their relocation. Here is my Auntie Esther with my cousins Jeffrey and Linda. 

My grandfather's teaching days were not over quite yet however. My paternal grandfather San Tong Jue engaged Rev. Kwok to teach my young aunts and uncle on the Jue Ranch in Van Nuys.  

I have very fond memories of my grandfather who kind of spoiled me as a young kid!

Here is a picture of the entire Kwok Clan from the late 1950's

After my grandfather's death, my grandmother continued the family teaching tradition and tried to teach me Chinese after school.  I was, however, a very poor student and would rather watch cartoons on TV.  I regret that as my Chinese language skills are now only enough to order food at restaurants !
My grandmother Ko Po Yung Kwok later in life. 

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