Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kwok Relatives 1930s-1940's.

My grandfather Wai Shing had a very special and close relationship with his younger brother Thomas through the years. Here are the brothers as young men.

And here are the brothers when older.

Thomas has a very interesting history. Born in Kwangtung in China in 1901.  He graduated from Chiaotung Unversity in Shanghai and then emigrated to the US as a student and graduated from Washington University with a D.D.S in 1933, did advanced training in Oral Surgery in St. Louis ,Mo. and then went back to China and became a professor in the College of Dentistry of National Central University in Nanking and had a private practice in Shanghai.   He chose to write his English last name as Call instead of Kwok. My mom says he did not like the way Kwok sounded in English.

Here is a news clip about him .

A picture of Thomas and his wife and with his children.

He wrote to my Uncle Johnny and Katie in 1978 and they went to visit him after Communist China was opened again to American visitors after Nixon's historic visit.

The Kwok brothers had another brother Lt. Kew Kwok of the Chinese Air Force who was killed in action in 1937.

They also had a sister who married  Lukin Pond in St. Louis.  They had two daughters.  Unfortunately this sister died.

My Uncle Johnny visited Lukin Pond and his daughters during the war years.

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  1. Lukin Pond was married to Ethel Chew Kwok, who died in St. Louis, Mo. on
    Nov. 22, 1935.